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Quality of Life Updates I'd Like for P101

May 06, 2009
I wanted to make a few suggestions for some systems in Wizard101 that could cross over into Pirate101. I think all of these could make an easy transition into Pirate101 and make things a little easier in the lull for another content update. So as follows, here are my suggestions:

-Quick Selling and Pet Feeding: This is something I've wanted for a long time and a feature I love in Wizard. When you're on the go and you have a ton of items that you need to empty from your backpack, it would be nice to be able to get rid of stuff in your bag either through "Quick Selling" for low amounts of gold (compared to the Bazaar) or feeding them to your Pet for random items, mostly gold, pet snacks, occasionally Pet XP, and perhaps, Dabloons and Scrips.
-Item Lock: This is more of "nice-to-have" than for anything urgent, but it would be helpful to have an Advanced Player option to lock our items, especially if added with Pet Feeding and Quick Selling. If you don't want items accidentally sold or eaten, then you can just lock your item and empty your bag, worry-free! I would suggest having Item Lock icons appear blue to look aesthetic against the orange level lock icons.
-Two-Player Mounts (and updating the Grey Whale and Pirate Skiff Mounts): This is one I'm not sure why hadn't been added sooner, but it would be great to have Two-Player mounts in P101! Like Wizard101's, you'd need to be in a group with the person who has a Two-Player mount, then you can hop onto the mount by approaching it and hitting "X". With this update, the Grey Whale and Pirate Skiff in the Crown Shop should be updated since they were originally Two-Player mounts in Wiz.
-Make the Energy Globe visible on the Pet Training Page: This is one I'd want badly! I tend to train multiple Pets in one sitting and because of that, I drain a lot of energy. The problem is I can't see my Energy globe while the pet training page is up so I have to toggle between the Pet screen and the Main screen to view my energy. It would be more convenient if the Energy globe were also visible somewhere on the Pet training page.
-Make Weapons Mountable on Walls: Another "nice-to-have". It would be cool to make our weapons additional housing items to hang on the wall like in Wiz.
-Daily Assignments: I think this would be a good boon for players who have completed the game or someone looking for something else to do. I can see this being a bit bigger than other updates, but I think it could give some pay-off for those lulls between content updates. It's also good that Pirate offers a large degree on environments between the main lands and skyways to hunt down mobs to earn rewards so players can return to old far off places. Like Wiz, rewards can include Gold, Crowns, and Random items.
-Add Events similar to the Five B.O.X.E.S. and Lost Pages: This another nice content addition. Something that can pop up every now and again to give players something interesting to do and collect unique loot.

Hope you enjoyed!