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Prospector Pete quests

Jan 17, 2012
I find it interesting that there are places that do not have quests from Prospector Pete.

Port Regal has none. Yes, it is officially a part of Skull Island, but you complete that before you ever have to leave for Monquista. Why not have some bananas to find in Port Regal? I understand you want players to have an idea of how to complete the quest, but why make Port Regal devoid of any collecting? You could always put in another gathering quest. Who says each world can have only one?

Same with Valencia You haven't seen all of it, yet. But you complete the Flock of Seagulls before you have. That isn't the case with Cool Ranch, where you have to go to Port Regal before Tumbleweed and Haunted Sky open up, which DO have more Dixie Chicks.

Is it simply a matter of not wanting there to be more than one collection quest going on at any given time? Wizard101 never worried about that.

Petty Officer
Mar 18, 2009
I don't remember entering Port Regal before Monquista. So not having a banana collection there, allows the players to get a practice point after "completing" Skull Island, instead of waiting until they are almost about to enter Mooshu (which is when I gained access to Port Regal).

The rest of Valencia might not be available for another year or two, so having players wait for that practice point is quite a long a time.

Off-Topic: Prospector Pete? Have we been watching Toy Story 2 recently?

Jan 17, 2012