Promotion Suggestions

Sep 15, 2009
Hello i thought of doing some promotion suggestions to give the developers some ideas here they are.

Cutthroat Level 50 - Look exactly or a bit different like an armored picean from celestia in wizard101.
Mustang Gaucho Level 50 - Has a mexican hat and better guns just like the vendors from cool ranch.
Mustang Rowdy Level 50 - Same as mustang gaucho but with better swords instead.
Billy The Kid Level 47 - Looks exactly like waco kid with the same new attack.
Thunderhoof Level 30 - Maybe add some wolfhide armor and an epic looking hat.
Monquistador Crossbowman Level ?? - Has epic looking black armor and a better crossbow.
Monquistador Explorer Level ?? - Looks exactly like a monquistador with black armor with one new attack.
Monquistador Level ?? - Looks exactly like a monquistador with a golden staff.
Water Mole Slingman Level 30 - Has the same huge feathered hat that nanu nanu's second promotion has.