Privateer quest bug - "The Commodores"

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I just ran into a rather nasty bug in the level 25 Privateer quest "The Commodores", which grants the Valor's Armor power. I ran into and reported this same bug back in Beta. I had heard it was fixed but apparently not; I hadn't gotten another Privateer high enough level to test it again until now.

After successfully winning the fight the first time, the quest goals did not advance correctly. It told me to talk to Ensign Richie again, but instead of an after-fight victory speech he repeated the same quest that began the instance. The instance had fully reset - I listened to the four otters' tale of woe, we got surprised (again) by the same boss, and it went straight into the battle all over again.

Fortunately after the second fight (and second victory with me and all four otters still standing) it did finally advance the quest goals and triggered Richie's victory speech, sending me back to the Commodore for my new power at last. I'm past it now, but hopefully this problem can be replicated and fixed for other young Privateers in the future.

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Mar 18, 2009
I had the same issue (previously posted below):

Just like Egg Shen's promotion quest, it required me to complete the quest twice in a row.

May 30, 2010
It's still buggy. Hope they fix this sort of thing; both this quest and the "Iron Monkey" promotion quest sucked me back into the fight a second time, with me wounded since the crew all come back healed, but you don't.

At least I got some gold and a smidgen of experience out of the extra fight!