Privateer power and talent ideas

Jun 17, 2013
I know privateers {like me} focus on helpful healing, boosting, and raising, but i have some good ideas for powers and talents that would be really helpful for privateers, and what might privateers have needed that are in other classes.

Adrenaline: {high level} Gives minor healing overtime for your team, rounds:2 {only your team not other players}

Pacify: {medium level}Target 1, minor healing and minus 20% threat, rounds: 10

Mage wave: {medium level}increases will by 15% rounds: 10

More: they should have gotten juju, just like witchdoctor.

Spirited: plus 3 will spirited2: plus 3 will spirited3: plus 5 will


I just thought that maybe in the next big update of Pirate101, Kingsisle might add some of that to Privateers

Fearless Jason Barclay
Level 47