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Privateer and Slashy Weapons

Jul 30, 2009
Hi there, I was just wondering on some people's thoughts and feeling towards this idea. Currently, privateers are the only class that does not have the weapon they specialize in gaining a bonus from their primary stat which is will. You can get combo weapons and that it fine, but sometimes you don't want to have a wand on your character. With the introduction of combo weapons basing their bonus on the class' primary stat I was wondering why privateer doesn't just use the same concept with slashy weapons. If a privateer equips a slashy weapon it would gain bonus off of will but if a buccaneer equipped it then it would gain bonus off strength.

This seems like a perfectly reasonable change since to my knowledge all privateer companions boost off of will even when using slashy weapons (like the Marchioness or Lucky Jack Russell). It would feel more consistent since a player character with a slashy weapon uses strength but somehow companions with the same weapon type use will? It just doesn't seem to flow right and it's misleading.

Aside from the fact that the code just wasn't there when the game first came out and that's why they used strength, and aside from the time it would take to implement, what is the reasoning that this hasn't been implemented or presented as a possibility?

My final thoughts are that this would allow for a more consistent feeling class that would be easier to balance armor for since it wouldn't require multistats except for gearing for combo weapons and would allow every class to still have their signature specialty weapon class and it doesn't take away from any other class either. I don't think this would make privateers feel much stronger since you could already use a slashy/staffy weapon but on the other hand it would allow you to use slashy weapons with skills for your class and still boost off will which is the stat you want the most anyways.