Private message on the forums?

Sep 29, 2010
KI, have you ever thought of allowing players to privately send true friend codes to other players? I mean we can't post any friend codes on the forms where millions of players could see them, then the wrong player could use it and become one of my friends. I was thinking there could be a way to send a friend code to a certain player through a private yet STILL MONITORED message system. Only friend codes will be allowed to be sent, if anything OTHER than a friend code is sent, it will be intercepted and deleted before it reaches the person its being sent to. Because there isn't really a way to tell someone where to meet up at a specific time. I mean there could be one person who says they want to meet up at the life fountain in skull island but there time could be at least half a days different from mine so that really does no good. I'm just having trouble finding players who will let me add them to my list. Please take this into consideration.

~Bloody Wolf Freeman~