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Preview your posts.

Sep 08, 2008
Will there be a preview tab be added to this forum? Out of habit, I always hit preview, but it subconsciously bothers me that I can never preview my posts here in this forum.

Maybe I am just excessively weird... but... I kind of want a preview button. **Gets antsy

The posts are basically a WSIWYG interface. There's a little Black box icon along the menu bar that acts as your preview button. If you click that button it will toggle you between a "code" view and a "preview" of what your post will look like.

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Sep 08, 2008
**scratches head.

I have no idea about that interface. Nor how to bring up a menu bar. I am really sorry if I sound incredibly stupid, but I just never heard of that before.

Community Leader
How is the message box being implemented here? It does not seem to react like a standard html/web input boxs that most forum portals make use of. I have major issues with carriage returns here. Often if I hit return, then I cannot type unless I put my cursor at the end of the last sentence, etc.
As for WYSIWYG, the board totally changes my posts most the time. They seldom look like what I wrote!

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Sep 08, 2008
Yea, I notice when I press enter, I automatically double return.

I suppose that is good for splitting up your posts instead of writing a big long block of text. You know, easier on the eyes.

Still have not figured out how to review. It just seems so weird, I like the appearance and such of these forums.