prepaid cards

Sep 18, 2010
if your going to make only 3 cards, 1 that is only crowns or months, you need to make it when the ship isnt limited to the origin. that isnt right. unless you make more origins, then recall those cards. i cant use the marleybone ship from the walmart card cuz its "royal navy origin" and all 6 of my characters are not that origin, making my ship useless to me. get it where there are cards with stuff for every origin that anyone can get anywhere, not somewhere thats a 3 day drive away, aka, dont put a royal navy origin here, and pirate origin there and make it where we cant use t due to not being that origin...

Jan 29, 2010
The origin pertains to the ship, not your character. Any pirate can sail any ship so long as they are the correct character level and nautical level to use the ship. However, each ship may only equip armor that is of its own origin and class (skiff = skiff parts, frigate = frigate parts, and galleon = galleon parts; also Pirate = Pirate, Monquista = Monquista, Bison = Bison, Mooshu = Mooshu, and Royal Navy = Royal Navy).

Happy sailing!