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powers and talents

Sep 26, 2010
I recently leveled enough to have to many talents/powers to display on my bottom bar during combat. Can you put a scroll arrow in that will allow me to see all my talents because I have one that allows me to increase strength which i was using at the beginning of combat but now it doesn't show up until I go through some of my powers/talents. By the time enough turns have gone by to allow the talents I want to use the battle is mostly over. So please can you add an arrow to allow me to scroll through my powers/talents during combat.

My other request would be on the red and blue yum yums. They need to be adjusted a little bit to become more sensitive. sometimes i will be standing on it in need of health and it doesn't perform/give me health. And the Blue ones that fill up the life bottle are to scarce to find and when you do find them it takes to many to fill up a bottle if they are going to be a rare item in the game.

Thanks so much for hearing our feedback

Oct 21, 2009
Hi, i found this "old" unreplyed topic and wish to bump it, cause it reflects my opinion.

I rly like wizard 101 and the card deck construction. My character is a witch doctor lvl 16 here and i right now have so many spells, that i must wiat sometimes for 3 Rounds to get the skills i want.

That criples the strategy effect. Mightbe you should let the players make their own decks out of spells. Then Players can choose wich they want to have.
Mightbe people can build "their builds" then and differ it at some enemies. This way open place for your devellopers to build very special skills. Comboskills and such things wich could make skill choose interesting, like deck build in wizard.

Sry, for my improved english (mot my homelanguage ^^), but i hope you understand what i tried to explain.