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Power Up the Other Bundle Companions!

May 06, 2009
I want to discuss the Bundle Companions for a moment. In the year Pirate101's been out, we've witnessed 5 Bundles (Boochbeard Bundle, Gandry Bundle, Cutthroat Bundle, Admiral Bundle, and the Empire Bundle). Of those we've gotten 4 Companions: Cat Pirate, Shark Pirate, Hansome Dan, and Nausica. Now, before Nausica's arrival, all the Bundle companions were on par with each other. They had 2 promotions and could get a max of 1-2 new epics per promotion. But when Nausica came out, the whole tables just turned and flipped over.
Nausica is able to acquire 5 new epics over her 2 promotions, and has 4 powers in her arsenal. Handsome Dan (and Shark Pirate if you give him Critical Strike) can only get 1 power to use and all other Bundle Companions can only receive 2-3 epics max over their 2 promotions. So some rebalancing needs to go on in my opinion.

I don't think Nausica needs to be nerfed at all. I think her boost in power shows that Bundle Companions should be of high power if you're buying a Bundle. None of the other Bundle Companions need to become huge powerhouses like Nausica, but they should be at or near her level of strength.
I don't get why I could spend $39 on either the Cutthroat Bundle or the Empire Bundle and Shark Pirate is significantly weaker than Nausica. And since Handsome Dan is part of a $29 Bundle, and was already more powerful than Cat and Shark Pirate, he doesn't need to be made over powered, but brought up a little more. Cat Pirate was part of a $89 Bundle which gave multiple items, plus a Beta Key into Pirate101 Beta, so it's understandable why he was of little power. He gained a new promotion in a past update, but I think he needs to be powered, just a little, as well. He's retired, but it's only fair to those who got him.

Here are my suggestions for increasing the other Bundle Companions:

Cat Pirate should be able to gain a max of 4 epics upon reaching his final promotion. He should gain Critcal Strike, Critical Strike +2, and Critical Strike +3 as default powers gradually adding up toward his final promotion.

Shark Pirate should gain 5 epics up to his last promotion. His Critcal Strike should be removed from his training options and made a default power. Kraken's Coils and Triton's Song should be added to his arsenal and both should increase in their series as he promotes.

Hansome Dan should get a total of 5 epics up to his last promotion. He should gain Gunnery (increasing to Artillery then The Big Guns) as a default power and his Rouse should change to Rally, then Revive as he promotes. The Refresh and Call to Arms series' should be added to his set, which puts Hansome Dan at about Nausica's power.

My goal is not to overpower these Companions, but put them to Nausica's level of power. Seeing as KI went back to give Cat Pirate another promotion, I hope they will consider this.

May 06, 2009
Jul 15, 2013
Yesssssss! I totally agree my cutthroat is terrible three epics really handsome dan gets more he needs at least five thanks for bringing this up I was just about to today

Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
I like how you think and this makes perfect sense to me. Granted I am no programer and I understand just the thought of doing this may cause the programmers to go a little glassy eyed and start twitching in their seats.
But if my thoughts to the other side of this issue are unfounded then by all means I love the idea of having them be more than just eye candy that we have to leave on our second pages because in our heart of hearts they just can't kick tush like the others. Well thought out and personally I love it. (Sorry programers, *Gives calming Moolong tea.*