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Power Rejection?

Jun 30, 2013
anecorbie on May 20, 2015 wrote:
Hide ignores over-protection.
What's overprotection?

Gunner's Mate
Jan 27, 2011
Cruel Owen Quarrel on May 26, 2015 wrote:
Honestly since Privateers have the least amount of Epics and one of the worst ones in my opinion, I would really love relentless or something else. I know others think Repel Boarders is good but so far all it's done is mess up my stealth; I do admit it's a bit useful for Privateers since Privateers could sit in the back for an entire battle and let enemies come to them. Relentless 2 and 3 might be too overpowered. Heck, Relentless by itself may be too overpowered but honestly I'd be super happy to see some more Epics in the next update which I'm counting on coming up later this year. Or not. We don't know what KI has in mind or how long it will take. Maybe Valencia will be 4 books long like CR, and maybe they'll be adding another world with that! Or maybe something has come up. Yeah, I know, boohoo a Privateer is complaining about bad Epics when all I have to do is sit back and buff and heal and barrage etc.
I complain way too often.
Have a fantastic week!

Cpt. Cruel Owen Quarrel, Level 65 Keeper of the Crypt [just kidding]
Relentless, I can't agree with. That's one of those Epics that's probably gonna remain as gear-special or something. Maybe even as a Grant ability from your Pet. If I were to think of another Epic to give Privateers, it'd probably be Second Chance or Flanking. Maybe Cheap Shot as well. The sole purpose of Privateers is to be a direct support type, where you rely on your Companions instead of barging into battle. Witchdoctors are a more indirect support type, dealing damage while debuffing or summoning additional allies.

Each class plays differently, if you want to deal out massive damage at once then you should give Swash a try; if you want to deal steady long-term damage with the highest defense in game then try Bucc (who also had Vengeance Strike, Blade Storm, Hold The Line and Turn The Tide).

Relentless, however, is honestly too overpowered for any one class to justify claiming it. At Rank 3 the chance of it activates increases as the target's health decreases, which can pretty much mean a sure chain to finish off weakened enemies. Not very balanced in PvP, from what I can think of. Besides, Privateers don't need too many offensive Epics, they need more defensive ones as they're technically all about Life and direct support. If you want to be the type to run into the fray, I'd suggest a new class. In Wizard101, almost any class could fit almost any role, Pirate101 however is entirely different. A Swash cannot excel as a support class, a Privy cannot excel as a dps class, a Witchdoctor cannot excel as a tank class, etc. They all are created for very distinct roles and purposes, your play style is free to your choosing but trying to change the role of a class kind of isn't.

Just some friendly advice is all, nothing personal or 'harsh'. If you really want more Epics, go Bucc instead. If you want more damage, go Swash. If you want more Powers, go Witch, etc. That's all I can really say on the matter.

Gunner's Mate
Jan 27, 2011
Blixet on May 19, 2015 wrote:
So, as we almost all surely know, There are many fine quality pieces of gear scattered throughout the spiral. Many of these Grant a player a certain power. The example i'm using here are the nefarious knives, which can be obtained as a rare drop from the Tower.

These Knives provide players with a power called 'flanking'. Flanking is an involuntary reaction talent that causes the player with said talent to attack any enemy that goes into certain blocks that are adjacent to the player. However, while that is typically a good thing, it has a drawback: if a player in hide were to use flanking, the attack would rid the player of the hide.

Now, since the vast majority of players who use the Nefarious Knives are swashbucklers, and hide is kind of a big deal for swashbucklers, this isnt a good thing.

that said, I'm not asking for the knives to be changed: in fact, i'm actually asking for something else entirely. (just using the knives as a primary example).

Basically, what I am asking is for players to be able to remove any power, talent, or ability from their lineup. for instance, a player with flanking could deactivate flanking, or if you learned a heal from the commodore but you are past a level where that heal is useful, you could, instead of moving it to the back or the roster, deactivate it.

So, what do you think, my fellow marauders? would you support it? reject it? change it? let me know!
Honestly, I'm on board. I love the idea of 'deactivating' a Power from appearing in battle. Since my Bucc has Traps and the Agility buff (for Kobe), he also has that annoying Power that requires a pistol that I always have to discard cuz I don't use pistols and it's just wasting a spot that could've brought up Reckless Frenzy or something useful.

I like the idea! You've got a vote from me!

Gunner's Mate
Feb 26, 2013
Mindy GoldenHeart on Jun 15, 2015 wrote:
What's overprotection?
It was the power Rooke used that when you moved next to him and tried to attack him, not only would he push you away but he reduced your accuracy, so it would be incredibly amazing on Privateers.

Dec 16, 2012
anecorbie on May 26, 2015 wrote:
Eh, maybe I'm being selfish about other classes, even without hide working properly ( at that time ) I was still able to beat Rooke ( not easily as I was only lvl 59 at the time ) but still won. Mostly because I got a first strike on him before Overprotection and if he used Vengeance and missed then of course I hit with a riposte. This wore him down a bit before I could place Subodai and Ratbeard.
Rooke had a kind of 'pre-emptive strike' where a group of battle angels would fly over head and strafe the field. My WD quickly learned not to attack him with Voodoo, but instead support her team and summon undead.
Certainly musketeers would be in a good place to just shoot the privateer, no amount of overprotection would help then.
I believe that privateers actually need a new talent - one that gives them an extra attack.
The reason rooke was easy is because there were so many people on the field. He could not use overprotective because it would push you into a space already occupied. Also, I remember what you mine now by the pre-emptive strike thing, I think it is called Swift Retribution. Ya, that would be bad. And as for giving them an extra attack, I agree, but don't replace repel boarders (I was thinking about why repel boarders was added, and I have a theory: It was added so that privateers could not sit at the end of the battle buffing and healing, while being untargetable because of hide). Also, Lvl 59 is a pretty good level to fight rooke.

Pirate Overlord
Mar 16, 2012
Mindy GoldenHeart on Jun 15, 2015 wrote:
What's overprotection?
It's a talent used by Rooke on the Wreck of the Victory, basically it knocks back an opponent three spaces with a small amount of damage.