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potions for companions

Mar 04, 2012
Hi ok so the throwback thursday companions sale idea i had most likely not happen so i though this might work better plus it will last longer you know how wizard101 got that fishing update well in the crowns shop there is a potion that lets you get a better chance of getting a rare fish what if kings isle had that but for a better chance of getting a companion from the crown shop packs and it does not have to stop there what about if they were for getting a better chance of getting rare things from packs like a pet you wanted or gear or anthing it would help save a lot of time and crowns and what if some potions we could buy with gold instead of crowns well i know that may or may not happen but its still a great idea a friend wanted me to post they always come up with great ideas so tell me what you think of the potion idea thank ou and have a wonderful day

Pirate Overlord
Mar 16, 2012
The fishing potion from W101 was called a luck potion, it gives you a better chance at finding the right fish or treasure. It's not a guarantee of actually getting it.
This might work for collection quests, or boss drops; but I don't see that it would have an effect on packs. Imagine the disappointment of buying a luck potion, then still not getting that companion!