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possible idea!

Petty Officer
Nov 29, 2011
I think i know what is going to happen soon: after all the map pieces have been taken, (four with you, three with the armada,) you will then have to go to Valencia and infiltrate (gasp!) The Machine! Why? To retake the map pieces the Armada has! Afterwards, you will go back to Cao Tzu, and he'll tell you where to find the El Dorado stormgate. Then, when you get there, you'll discover that the Armada has followed you and then you'll have to fight rebuild versions of the Armada commanders, (Deacon, Rooke, Bishop, and Phule all killed earlier in that order) and then you have to fight Queen (name uncertain) and Kane! And somewhere in all that, you'll need to fight the mysterious evil withen El Dorado...