Possible Bug - Pet's Name Changed?

Mar 15, 2011
I was wondering if anybody else was experiencing this issue. I noticed it first when I got a Golden Stingtail pet drop from a boss, and when I first got it, it was one name. Then, maybe 30 minutes later it joined a fight and had a completely different name. Just now I got my Jackalope, and the same thing happened. It was Miss Fluffy when I got it, and when it joined the first fight, it is now Scrappy Sam.

It's not a huge deal, but I'm certain it changed. Will paying for a rename even do anything or is it just going to switch up again?

May 07, 2011
I noticed that too. I have 3 pets: a walktopus and 2 orchid chameleons. My first orchid chameleon was named Prince Honey when I got it and I never changed it cause I use my walktopus, but now it's name is Barney and my second one is Big Zeus. My walktopus though is always equipped and it hasn't changed it's name at all. I think the glitch only occurs if you don't equip them.