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Please make crown shop ships tradable

Mar 28, 2009
Crown ships are the most expensive item available in the Crown Shop with the exception of the 25,000 gold option. They should be able to be traded. Yes, this game is based on "micro" payments, but it is insulting to expect players to re-buy an item that they've already spent several dollars of real money. Restricting crown gear by class in a deliberate attempt to limit its reuse is already borderline unethical, but the ship situation is inexcusable from a gameplay standpoint.

Had I known how the crown shop policy would change between games, I never would have bought my bundle. Customer goodwill is as important as profit, but these shop policies imply that the company has forgotten that.

May 11, 2010
I have to agree on the ships. You should be able to trade between your toons your crowns ships. Theyt are quite pricey!