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Please look at moo manchu's item drop rates.

Gunner's Mate
May 02, 2009
Just what the title says.

Me and a friend have been farming moo manchu for quite a while (and I alone have been farming him for a few days now) in hopes of getting his unique items (which are pretty good/helpful for witchdoctors by the way). However, it feels like the drop rate for them is very low. I only have his robe.

I know that they're supposed to be hard to get and I understand that, but I really feel that the drop rate seriously needs to be looked at, as it's bad enough that they can't be dyed or traded between pirates, the drop rate doesn't need to be this low either.

So if you could please look at the drop rate for moo manchu's items, that would be great.

Thank you for your time.

Dec 21, 2009
I have no idea who moo manchu is but other bosses seem to do that too and I beleive they should fix it.

Good gaming!

Dec 18, 2012
I am agree, Moo Manchu is very time consumpting (specially because of terracotta warriors), so at least a bit more drop rate would be nice for to compensate this since atm make no sense that a easy boss like Friar Sand can drop very more nicely than the more hard Moo Manchu, but meantime the Friar takes five minutes even less, Moo Manchi and those pesky terracottas take more than 15-20, so or more drop rate or... a nearer gong .