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Please Increase Drop Rate For Ophidian Ships

Feb 08, 2014
Ahoy there!
Squalltamer here! I have a very important request: INCREASE THE DROP RATE FOR OPHIDIAN SHIPS!!!!! I have been on my buckler for several hours. Most of it has been spent squandering time defeating & praying for the Ophidian Ships to drop Lotus for one of my "errands" for the Oracle, and when I finish my dreams are crushed and I have to try again. I remember doing this quest on my witch and this is not the only one. There are several others I believe, but it was such a struggle just to collect one!! Please KI I beg you increase the drop rate for the Ohpidian ships! Please!

Sep 20, 2014
Not only just Lotus, but I think that all drops of Ophidian ships should be increased, bcz me and some other people fought 200+ Ophidian ships, and we got 5 pieces of equipment, all of which I had:(

Sep 17, 2012
LOL! I remember that quest, very frustrating, but when you get it done it is a great sense of accomplishment.

Apr 28, 2012
Make sure you are in the correct skyway since Ophidian Ships in the wrong Skyway don't drop what you need. It usually only takes me about an hour at most to complete the quest.