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Pirates in Wonderland

May 31, 2009
An Alice in Wonderland event was suggested a while back, but I've been chewing on it for a couple of days so I decided to post about it myself. I'm a bit rusty on the facts of the book; the last AIW related thing I saw was Ciel in Wonderland, which is a parody created for the anime Black Butler, but from what I remember it was vaguely accurate, save for the ending.

This would be an event similar to W101's BOXES: in selected worlds, there'd be "rabbit holes" to drop down into Wonderland or an equivalent like "Dreamland", & each one would be another chapter in the adventure. The story would be similar to the book, but with a spin on it to avoid an outright copy of it. Your pirate would be a solo protagonist in this story; no companions would accompany you. Instead, they would appear alongside other NPCs as characters from the books. For example, Catbeard would be the Cheshire Cat, One-Eyed Jack would be the White Rabbit, & Old Scratch could be the Hatter.

There would be a couple of minor battles in each "chapter", but the main method of progression would be through dialogue, like a choose-your-own-adventure story, but with only one or two correct options that the dialogue will prompt you back to. Take the choice of which path to take while speaking to the Cheshire Cat.

Cheshire Cat(beard): "Where do you want to go?"
Narrated prompt: "Which path will you take?"
Options: "Left" "Right" "I don't know" "Nowhere"
Upon choosing left, Cat: "Is that so? I don't think he went there..."
Upon choosing right, Cat:"He hasn't gone that way, you know."
Upon choosing nowhere, Cat: "So you'll sit here for the rest of your time? Quite boring, I'd think...well, they'll catch up to you sooner or later." (Cat disappears, & Card Soldiers appear to do battle. Upon victory, quest helper points to the correct path.)
Upon choosing I don't know, Cat: "Then I suppose it really doesn't matter, does it? But, if you were really curious, he went thataway!" (Quest helper points down correct pathway)

Similar to how the puzzles work in several W101 dungeons, correct actions yield rewards like health & no fights, incorrect actions spawn enemies to battle. Most of the fighting here would be against an equivalent of the Playing Cards/Card Soldiers, with perhaps some wandering enemies like goblins or mushrooms or similar to avoid in certain areas.

The Playing Cards' equivalent would be pursuing the pirate to take them to the Queen after the pirate defeats & escapes them after first falling into Wonderland. They would only be encountered by giving wrong answers at some points in the dungeon, & at the end of each save for the last, which holds the Queen of Hearts & the end of the story, returning the pirate to their "real world" after defeating her & some dialogue that brings the truth of the matter (it's all a dream!) to light. You'd receive a badge for each chapter.

This is of course a very rough idea that needs a lot of polishing, but I'd enjoy some feedback if you'd like to give it!