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Pirate Battleground

Aug 15, 2013
As I'm sure the next update that comes out will be some side quests, I was really delving deeper to try to make this game more fun in crazy ways. So Pirate Battleground is basically a one player thing. It could be located in Brawlin' Hall (or even underneath) or simply an add on to Smuggler's Arena. Your pirate and.... a 4-9 companions (the more companions you choose, the harder it gets, like a 5v5 or 10v10 etc.). Exactly why it's called a "Battleground" or perhaps a better name that can be made. It'll sort of be like Smuggler's Arena, except the enemy levels do not change, but they still have their powers. Also, the more companions you pick, the higher the reward multiplier will be (like a 6v6 can multiply the basic reward by 3; 8v8 multiply basic reward by 4; and 10v10 multiply basic reward by 5). You'll also have a longer time to plan (instead of 60 seconds, you get 120 seconds). The rewards could be: Scrip and Gold. I have 2 reasons why I think this (or even something similar) should be incorporated into the game. 1) It can add a crazy spice and way of battle to the game and it's unlike anything we've seen in the game. 2) It's hard for some people in some places to do social things as of the time zones and such, I think this could possibly make them feel less lonely (lol) and more surrounded sort of as there are now more companions.
I'm curious to see your thoughts
Merciless Richard Chamberlain Level 70
Fearless Richard Chamberlain Level 70
Charming Richard Nightingale Level 70
Merciless Richard Nightingale Level 70
Reckless Richard Chamberlain Level 70
Bloody Richard Morgan Level 70