Pinned / Sticky thread for Known Bugs

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Hey Jack, would you do me a favor? (Yeah, I know, I'll owe you another one next time I come by Flotsam.)

Could you please add a Sticky thread - pinned to the top of this Board or one of the others - listing known bugs & issues that KI already knows about and is working on?

It would probably save you the trouble of wading through multiple reports on a known issue, save us the time of posting them, and lets us know when something wrong is definitely not on our end and that it's already being taken care of.

For instance, I've heard there are some bugged quests that can keep folks from earning the "all side quests completed" badges in certain books - but the reports are inconsistent as to which books are actually bugged, and which I may have just missed. Could you start off the Known Bugs sticky with a list of which books have bugged badges? My Witchdoctor's quest log is finally empty so I don't know if I've hit a couple of bugs or just missed an NPC or two somewhere along the line.

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