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Pets and "Power"?

Feb 01, 2011
Okay, what's the deal with the pet Power stat...more specifically, why is it SO HARD to raise this stat?

I've had the full range, from pets already maxed out on my maxed out characters, to level 1 pets newly hatched from eggs. They all now have maximum stats (or nearly so) in every category...Strength, Agility, Will, Health, Guts, Guile and Grit. Yet, on every one of them, their Power stat is ridiculously low. Power can rise to 185 (the highest of any stat), but I think my highest power rank is like in the 20's. What's the deal?

Now, I KNOW you can give them pet snacks to raise their Power rank. But, at best, you may get a +2, IF you pick the right snack. In addition, you can only give them snacks after they're done can take many hours of real time.

I'm not trying to OP my pets, but seeing as how the other stats all raised up with little problem and at the same pace, it seems odd to me that Power looks like such a long, up-hill battle to increase.

Is there any OTHER way to increase Power without snacks? Pet dueling doesn't do it (which, actually would make sense if that was added).

While I'm on the subject of pets and pet dueling...sometimes my max level pets are put into duels with two pets in their 30's. Boochbeard then says something like "The numbers may be off, but the odds are even".
Well, I can confirm that the odds are in no way fair in such a duel. The maxed pet will always crush the two mid-level pets, without breaking a sweat. I have been in quite a few of these mis-matched matches, and sometimes I'm not even scratched. Just giving feedback here...

Dread Pirate
Jun 13, 2011
Well, we do have some mega snacks that give out some Power for pets & that we find that any certain snacks some pets like/love may increase their Power, but I do somewhat agree that we may need some activities that grant our Pets Power to help raise that stat a bit more quicker.

Finding snacks that grant Power can be exhausting... of course, we do have the Mega Snack Pack from the Crowns Shop to help, but I agree that we may need to have some activities to help our Pets raise their Power. With that pets' estimated Power stat limit this high, it's no wonder it can be quite exhausting to reach that maximum amount.

Hope we get some activities that give out Power sometime soon...

Apr 28, 2012
There are only 2 ways I know to increase a Pet's Power: 1) feed him a snack that shows an increase in Power on the card or 2) feed him a snack that he loves (+2 to Power) or likes (+1 to Power). If he loves/likes the snack from a snack that shows a Power increase, the Power increases should be added together.

So far, every time I have found a snack that a Pet loves or likes, all Pets of that type loves or likes the same snack.

From what I understand, the Power stat affects how often and how many times a Pet can be cheered during Pet pvp. I've heard that it can also affect normal combat but I am not sure how or in what way.