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Pet training, consecutive training and feeds for scrips or crowns

Sep 04, 2018
It would be nice if we could sign a pet up for consecutive orders and load into slots the food that it shall eat next. You could still train and feed pets as you do now, but would have the option to give it consecutive training activity orders and food to be consumed at each completion.

I'm thinking that such a service doesn't have to be free, whether there would be a gold cost, a scrips cost, or a crown cost.

Basically, each consecutive order you slot you want to set up with food and the required training components you would pay to unlock, and each additional order you set up will become more expensive. This means if you are going to be away for awhile, you could invest in unlocking enough order slots for training a pet until you could log on again. Alternatively, if you don't want to bother with taking the time to feed a pet after it finishes, or you are playing on other pirates and don't want to constantly run back to the ones with the pets in training on them, you could set multiple pet training order slots up for them.

Gold would work, but might be a good use for scrips as most have nothing they want or need to use their scrips upon. I hate to go with crowns, but perhaps non members could be forced to use crowns while members are allowed to use gold and/or scrips, or their choice of gold, scrips, or crowns.