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Pet trading suggestion...

Jun 02, 2014
It would be amazing if we could have a special station where players could exchange pets (most likely in Bestia)! Like, if you wanted to trade pets with someone, you could go to that station, and search for any species of pet (including limited time ones. Every pet in the game) and create a little form where you would put the pet you have, and people could see what species you're accepting in exchange. No minimum pet age. Heres an example form if you don't get it:

(Pet name)-- Level __(Pet species)
Accepting: (One or more species you are willing to trade for)
You can also put a desired minimum level, but this is optional.

And if somebody sees that they want that offer, there would be a trade button, and boom! Traded!

Aug 27, 2012
That's not a bad idea, for instance I have like ten pets with Grants Bladestorm and most are in my attic with all 500 of my other pets(most are untrained). Also i have a couple of pets with ranged and melee grants and in my opinion those pets have failed and of no use to me since I have Novablaster on my Musketeer but for some Musketeer(or perhaps Privateer or even Swashbuckler) that uses a gun and sword combo it would be a great pet and I would trade that for any pet, I have no use for it and if someone can use it let them have it, and if i find a use for it and I've friended that player we can trade back if he has no more use for it for a new pet that is better suited to what he needs now.

Thanks for listening,

Lvl 65

Jan 12, 2011
Hmm, sounds kind of cool. What concerns me is that older kids would scam younger.

Gunner's Mate
May 17, 2015
Seems like a great idea
But it might ruin the point of morphing and not making you earn the grant
What Connorwp said about it being a scam to younger kids is a problem but we could make it that this feature is only available to people with open chat

Jun 02, 2014
We could prevent scamming by the following:

For example, I might want to trade my Batik Eggaloon for either an Emerald Budgie, a Baubleloon, or a Heck Kitty. I could place these species in the form for my trade request. I would then place a minimum level. Since my Eggaloon is level 30 I would make it a bit fairer with the minimum level 20 for my requested pet. I would not, however, choose the abilities of the requested pet, so it's not as unfair as before, as you said that it could ruin the purpose of morphing.

Let's say someone with an Emerald Budgie likes the offer, and could click the "accept trade" button. The pets won't be transferred until both players agree. The one who puts up the offer would get a button on the upper right corner (like when it notifies you of a better weapon), and when they click on it, it would say that someone has accepted your trade. It would show the stats of the pet you offered, as well as the one the other person is offering. If you hit the accept trade button, the pets will be traded!

If for example, I put up my Blue Chocolope by mistake (I love him to death!) and someone accepts, I could always click "cancel" in the notification, because I put him up by mistake and would never want to trade him away!

Jun 02, 2014
Spellbinder Darius, I also have to disagree with the "open chat only" thing because I don't have open chat.. But like I said, there would be a confirmation, so that there wouldn't be any trades that weren't intentional.