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Pet Names.... change by themselves?

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I noticed something, and I am reporting it (please dont just tell me to report it to KI) to KI, but thought i'd share and see if anyone else has noticed this happening.
When I have gotten lucky enough to get a pet drop, I notice its name immediately on the notifications.
I can go into my backpack, see the pet with this name, I can equip the pet and it will reflect that name...
However as soon as I cause the screen to reload the first time since getting the pet, (leave/enter building/skyway, etc) my pet name changes (and remains changed for good)!

This has happened with EVERY pet drop I have received.

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Sep 08, 2008
Same thing happens to me. I am sure this is a little bug that will be fixed.

Jan 29, 2010
So far this has not happened to me in the live game, however, this happened all the time during beta.

Oct 20, 2009
I actually had this happen with one of my Companions, the Unicorn Duellist 'Ridolfo Capoferro'. Only, it occured after I promoted him. His name totally changed; he's now 'Giovan Trevisan'. It's very strange!

Oct 23, 2012
Yah. This happened to my pet walkatupus. Before I changed her name, she was Admirl something, then it scanged to Lord something. Then I changed it to what it is now.


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May 30, 2010
I had this issue as well. My pet went from Admiral Abbey to King Somethingorother after three battles. I did report it to KI, who got back to me, agreed it was some sort of bug and it wasn't just me, regretted the name change couldn't be reversed (although I suppose I could fritter away the gold to change it), and that was it. King Bosco doesn't fight any better or worse than Admiral Abbey did, but I do kind of wish the name hadn't changed in the first place.

Hopefully they'll figure out the cause and get it fixed. I'm a bit concerned to hear that it also affects crew members. That's not cool at all...

Jun 08, 2009
yes, this occurred with my cool ranch white tailed pet. her name was ruby and now it is baby bosco? weird :(

May 30, 2010
And it's still doing it. Or else my poor buccaneer is cursed. I claimed the Booshbeard bundle skarakeet for her earlier this week and it came out (coincidence?) as Admiral Abbey, just as my crawler did. But in the first fight she suddenly became Queen something (a promotion!). I wonder if Admiral and Abbey are the first terms on the two lists, and for whatever reason they get listed as the pet's name, then it gets what it should have become randomly, if that makes sense.

May 02, 2010
admiral abby is the default name for all pets and in early beta was name all pet started with. At one time theree were a lot of admiral abby's.