Pet Minigames! Please!

Oct 15, 2012
I know this has probably been asked before, but i am going to say it again. KI please add pet minigames! It wont even train your pet, but it would just be fun to play with your pet just like W101 only the games would be different! Tell in the comments what you think would make a fun pet Minigame! I have a cool idea for one! The game would be called Pet Battle, it would be a 2 to 4 person pet game! Each person would select a pet for the battle out of thier backpack. Each pet would get 250 health! Then, the battle would start. It would be like a normal battle against an enemy, except you wouldny be able to see who the were attacking! The last pet standing, would win maybe 100 gold! Tell me what you think!

GoofyBrandon, owner of BigChucklesworth, the silver buffaloon

Sep 09, 2010
I think that would be a great idea except for that the pet get only 250 health my pet has more health then that and can they get more health back .see you in the spiral romantic rebbeca ivring level 65 .