Personal skyways for homes

Petty Officer
Jun 17, 2013
You know how you have docks at your house?Well I was thinking that maybe if you had at least 3 houses you could pay 500 crowns or 50,000 gold for a personal skyway.You would choose world.time of day,and what ships would be flying around.Worlds Skull Island,Cool Ranch,Mooshu, Monquista,Valencia,Aquilia,Current Marleybone and Old marleybone[non war torn but still with ships and fireworks].They wouldn't have all the islands that are in the real worlds.They also will have a stormgate to it in any world you choose only visible to you.You can name them but Ki must approve of it.the ships would either attack you or just fly around.You could have up to three houses there but you can pay 20 more crowns for another home
so what do you think ki?

Tell me about your ideas everybody!
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