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People (from either game) that you'd want as crew

Dec 15, 2012
Arthur Wethersfield, all the way!!!! I don't care if they don't like to combine the games but come on they've DONE it already! Zeke, the seamstress, BASICALLY the librarian from Wizard, there's a guy that even TALKS about the teachers from ravenwood. So why not just do it already?!

x Cough cough x Anyway...he would be obviously witchdoctor, hit people with his suitcases and sometimes simple spells, you would get him if you chose Marleybone as your foster home planet, he would be your foster father , you'd meet him through a quest to go see Ambrose and then he'd send you to Arthur. You'd recognize the name so you'd be all over the chance to see him...well I would at least x crazy fangirl squeal and twitching eye x

Also from Pirate101, at some point, our teacher no matter what class we are! You'd get them after you get all the talents, powers, etc. for your class.

I really hope they give these characters a chance, especially Arthur...yes it seems like he's all I talk about...okay maybe he is but when the KI at least consider him, I'll stop pestering them.

Anyway, this really is a question about who you want to have on your crew. Sorry about the sudden outburst about arthur :( I just really miss him.