Paying the Rent

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Dec 12, 2011
I've ready through all of the Test Realm forums, and noticed a few that caught my eye. They both talked about having your Henchmen stay with you through the whole dungeon, but then I though, "What if you're not using those Henchmen on a dungeon, but on a normal, everyday fight?"

Then it hit me *Bam!*, Henchmen for rent...

In the crown shop, you'd be able to purchase a Henchmen to rent for a WHOLE dungeon, right before you enter. You'd purchase the Henchmen right before entering the dungeon, and you'll have that Henchmen for 2 whole hours (spend that time wisely). And, just like a companion, your Henchmen will be placed in your Companion Management folder, and they'll automatically be first-mate (you can't change that)...

It gonna cost a few more crowns and all (seeing the response from KI, it seems they are dead-set on the Crowns they already cost), so probably 1200c, for a level 65..?

Any who, I'll let KI choose the pricing. The price the Henchmen cost right now, given all of their epics and spells AND the fact you can control them, I think is pretty decent.

Though I'm personally not a fan of this update (i think it just makes the game way too easy for me to just simply click and add a Henchmen in the middle of a loosing battle, just to even the odds), but I can see many people enjoy this new feature. I guess no matter what KI does, they will always have critics, lol

May 06, 2009
I could really see this, and I think it should be added to the game! Though could the time of renting a Henchmen be increased to 2 hours and 45 minutes? I think some dungoens can go on for a little than 2 hours and if KI should do this, they should consider some contingency time. I'd prefer this new time, and I'd accept a slightly highten Crowns price (1295 for Level 65?). I think in the form of renting, the Henchmen should still remain in last place (in my opinion).

Also in the situation of Troy and the Palace, would the Henchmen only last for one of those dungeons or would it be on it's own time and if you finish a dungeon within their time, they would follow onward to the next dungeon?

What if you're in a fight, and the Henchmen only has 1 minute left and the battle is far from over. Would the henchmen just leave the battle? I would guess. I think the Henchmen's renting service should be based off of Combat time, not anytime. So they will appear in every battle until they're use in Combat time is up. So if you rent a Henchmen (going by your time) and only use them in a thirty minute fight, you still have them for another hour and a half of Henchmen combat aid. Immediately, one would think "Hey someone can just keep their Henchmen forever and never buy another one!" No, the majority of the game is built upon fighting and you can't progress without fighting. It's not worth avoiding a battle and game progression to keep a henchmen that will see no use for eternaty. At some point one will have to fight and eventually loose their Henchmen. If you rent a Henchmen and you decide to PvP, the Henchmen will not follow you into battle.

Lastly, when you rent a Henchmen, similar to Exilirs, you should see an icon come out showing the Henchmen's face and the Combat time you have left with him/her. When the time is up, the icon will disappear, and a notifier similar to a Mount Rent icon, will tell you the Henchmen's service is up and will no longer follow you into battle.

Again, a great idea! I hope KI considers it!

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Jan 01, 2013
I don't like the part about it being your first mate. I think it should just appear as if you just bought it, with all your companions that would normally join the battle.

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I saw a similar suggestion on another forum post (might have been at central).

Granted I am used to how Henchman work in Wizard101, and would use them in the EXACT same fashion. I would only pay for one if I was stuck in a situation needing help. I would never get one just to have an extra pirate in my battles. Its not about "wouldnt that be neat" its all about "wouldnt that be useful".

Personally, I prefer henchman to be a battle to battle selection.
Not all battles are alike, foes change, task requirements/instructions change.
I do NOT want a henchman following me after the fight I purchased them specifically for.
There are battles I would want a range based henchman, there are battles id prefer a melee based henchman. This game is NOT one size fits all.

If I have to pay for it, I want to hire a henchman that is right for the job, not settle for what I have because I got them at the beginning of a dungeon.

Although other aspects of how henchman can help may require adjustment, I think how they appear, and only stay for the one battle, is an excellent implementation. If other options are offered, they should be that "other options". Please leave how henchman work in the game now in place, they work exactly as designed.

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Dec 12, 2011
Lily Evans on Aug 27, 2013 wrote:
I don't like the part about it being your first mate. I think it should just appear as if you just bought it, with all your companions that would normally join the battle.
Then... guys... then what's the point of buying them if you can only have them for 2 hours, and they MAY show up in the fight..?

If you ask me, if I'm gonna buy something for a limited amount of time for a lot of crowns, I'd want them to show up ALL the time. Not just a few times. Besides... they have all of the cards the normal class would have, not just a few. I would think you'd WANT them as your first mate, cause of their powers

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May 01, 2012
From my experience, Henchmen show up for only 1 fight. Haven't had the chance to try them in a long dungeon yet, so I don't know if they stay for the two hours or not.