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Pause button and more gold?

Sep 21, 2014
So I think this would be a small but cool feature to add in a pause button for the puppet shows so if you wanted to move along at your own pace during the puppet show. The second thing i think would be a great help for everyone would be increasing the amount of money made by selling items at the bazaar. Im sure everyone knows that the bazaar doesn't give very much gold when your selling things and if KingsIsle increased the amount of gold we make from selling at the Bazaar i am sure that would make many of us happy :)... -Unfair Angel

Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
Hello Unfair Angel, welcome to the Message Boards.
The Bazaar works on a supply and demand basis. If too many players have sold that item there, then the price will be lower. Then just sell that item at a normal vender to get more gold.
I am waiting for a feature that will tell me that my item is overstocked at the bazaar and I can then chose to skip that sale and sell it to a much more appreciative vendor.