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Parrot mount needs longer breaks.

Oct 25, 2011
So far, I only claimed my pet and mount from my Boochbeard bundle and I love them both. They are very colorful and pretty. In addition, the pet has awesome talent. In beta, I hated it when they pooped on me. Now, I love to watch the mobs get pooped on. Yes, revenge is sweet!

My only complaints is about the mount's constant wing flapping. I understand that it is a parrot and it is supposed to fly. But, a large mount with constant wing movements really blocks the view and hurts my eyes. I notice that it periodically does land when I'm not moving. Is it possible to have it do that all the time when I'm stopped? This would be similar to the Wizard101 Griffin mount (part of epic bundle).

Aug 27, 2011
I can't agree with this more!

I love all of the wonderful goodies that I received so far from the boochbeard bundle (saved a few for higher levels), but that Pirate Parrot Mount flapping it's wings so quickly actually makes me nauseous! The bird is cool, I love the rendering and art design of it, but those flappy wings make me remove it unless I have to travel far.

Please please please try to find the time and a way to dramatically reduce the flap rate of the Pirate Parrot Mount. It quite literally induces motion sickness when I have it on for too long and makes me extremely queasy.

I always thought that seasickness was limited to the ships.

Cheers... And yo ho ho and a bottle of YUM!

Jul 27, 2011
I am upset with myself because I claimed the clothes and weapon. I wanted to wait to claim it till I reached a higher level than 10, but the notifications that I had a gift available kept showing up. It is annoying to play when the notification pops up constantly and won't leave me alone. That is the only thing I am dissatisfied with about the bundle, as well as the mount not being convenient.