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Packs that can also be bought with gold?

Aug 09, 2013
Now with the release of Grizzlehiem pack, the crown shop is probably pretty packed right now with people getting their first dibs with the unique items, pets, and companions you get in this pack. However there are certain people who really can't experience the pack since they don't have the opportunity to buy crowns. Because of that, many people don't have the opportunity to experience that cool feeling you get opening up that pack, crossing your fingers that you get a rare pet or companion. Sadly, when the Tribal Crew pack came out, I didn't have the opportunity to buy crowns and redeem a few items in that pack. A year later, I now have the privilege to get the money I need to redeem a few items in packs. I did manage to receive a Tribal Crew pack companion. Chilam Bak ;) The best Witchdoctor I have for my Buccaneer. He critical a lot, rarely fizzles, and uses him Mojo Echo quite commonly. Anyways, back the the subject of the matter, there are many people who don't have the opportunity to open these packs. Now, I am not speaking for my self here. Since I stated, I have the opportunity to buy crowns, I can buy the things I want. However, here is the thing. This is a pack. Packs give you a large variety of items that you can randomly receive and all is determined by luck. Looking back at how much crowns I spent trying to get Chilam Bak, I've spent nearly 65 dollars getting the crowns I needed to get Chilam Bak. So thats more than 25,000 crowns (if I am getting that correct) to get Chilam Bak. Now, I have no issue when it comes to the rarity of certain items and companions, however my concern is that crowns aren't something easy to get. for packs, it could take 1 attempt to get the item you want, it could 50 attempts to get the item you want. So here is my idea: Several things in the crown shop can be bought with gold instead of crowns. I thought that it wouldn't be a bad idea to do the same with packs. Perhaps 100,000 gold to open the pack once. Now, that does sound a little extravagant, I know, but of course since it is a crown item, you can't expect to go the cheap way. If I were to have 200,000 gold (max limit) then I would be able to open a pack at least twice. Two times isn't a lot, but of course one attempt can give you something really rare. Another can be 50,000 gold, allowing a player to open the pack 4 times if he/she were to have max gold. This is just an idea. I do want people to experience how it feels to get something cool from a pack. If you disagree, I can entirely see why, however I hope you can consider adding something like this into the game. See you in the Spiral