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our class affects ship combat idea

Petty Officer
Sep 03, 2009
musketeer= better cannon attacks

swashbuckler= faster cannon fire

privateer= faster cool down for attacks

buccaneer= tough armor for your ship

witchdoctor= horn of summoning is stronger

Apr 26, 2009
I can't see something like this being implemented, but class restricted items which have improved things (like you said) maybe?

Aug 21, 2009
musketeer and swashbuckler look reversed to me, but I hate this idea as it unbalances the characters too much in ship combat... what I would rather see instead is player selection options in how they would like to improve their ships... longer range, faster cannons, reduced cast time, increased armor, armor weakening with each attack, etc. The players would recieve ship talent points as they level and get to choose where to place them.

May 10, 2010
My question is, if it is not broke, why fix it? Tinkering with things usually just tend to break them, rather than improve them.