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Original companion ideas!

Apr 24, 2010
I had an idea of a couple new companions! Here they are (also, these are my base stat ideas, of course you're gonna be able to change them with leveling up. And i will accept any ideas, because mine are gonna be weird):

Name:Wei mooyang (who is a cow with a long mustache and a big gun, Named after the inventor of gun powder, but changed to be moo)
The average stats for a musketeer, but real high accuracy
Beginning special attacks: Bombiar!(a move i made up, where you get to pick where you put 5 bombs where ever you want>:D)

Name: Bonoh Curandero(looks like one of those insect things in Celestia and parts of pirate101, can't name from where off the top of my head)
Health: 2050
The normal Witchdoctor stats, but really high will.
Beginning special attack: SOUL CRUSHER!( Another move i made up, Where a spirit comes out of the ground and reaches into the selected monster, taking out his soul, ripping it in half, doing damage to the selected monster and healing the caster with half of the damage done to the monster)

Name: Robin Cape(who is a Fox with a handheld bow in one hand and a dagger in the other, Named after Robin hood (get it, hood, cape?))
Health: 2100
Normal swashbuckler stats, But really high speed
Beginning special attack:Sleep tight (yet again made up, The attack is you stab the person, doing the fair amount of damage, and poisons the monster for 4 turns)

Name: Charlotte de Ship (a mermaid figurehead, but with ship wood still on its back, She holds a big sword)
Health: 1900
Normal buccaneer stats, but really high strength
Beginning special attack: My Crew (another made up one, 3 dead pirates come in for 2 turns where you like them, and you get to pick what they do(no worries, they will be weak for that level))

Name: Lord Drake ( A Dragon with armor, he's standing up, and with a sword.)
Health: 2150
Normal privateer stats, but real high whatever their school focuses in( I forgot! )
Beginning special attack: The game has just begin (another made up one, You cast it on your self or companion so that when they die they come back with a quarter health(don't hate it, hope you get them on your team )

I hope you like my ideas, I didn't really know about the health so it might be a bit low.

From, Awkward Corwin Nightingale, level 28 musketeer
And, Corwin Trollleaf, Level 80 Life Wizard