Optional High Level Dungeons in Pirate101.

Dread Pirate
Jun 13, 2011
I would like to request an optional, yet challenging Dungeon/Gauntlet to be added to Pirate101, and it would have to be located somewhere in one of Skull Island's islands. Wizard101 got optional, challenging dungeons to keep the high level Wizards occupied, so how's about giving high level Pirates a good challenge to tackle? I would like to battle the bosses in that dungeon that do not follow the game's combat rules and solve challenging puzzles in a tough adventure when my Pirate reaches that level and recieve very epic rewards when Pirates beat that Dungeon, including a possible new Companion to add to the crew, and maybe earn a very good Dungeon Badge, too! Sounds much adventurous to a very tough Pirate! One-Eyed Jack, Can you and your crew kindly put that in the game in a future game update? If I were to reach the current maximum level, then veteran Pirates would want a good challenge to keep them occupied while the tougher challenges are under work. Even Ratbeard would want to overcome a great challenge like that real soon! Once I reach the maximum level cap, I'll be itching for a tough challenge!