Optional dungeon main quest

Jun 04, 2008
The other day, I was doing the Miranda dungeon and, though I finished the main questline, I had one teeny-tiny sidequest left to do when I ran out of time and had to leave. No big deal. I figured that I would just come back and complete that quest another day.

So, I log in today with the intent of finishing that side quest and moving on. However, as soon as I enter the dungeon, it restarts the main questline. I don't want to do the main questline, again! However, I am so terribly OCD about quests in my log that I will do it all over just to get rid of that entry.

I'm wondering if there would be a way to add a setting so that if you have already completed a dungeon's main questline, you would get a pop-up when you enter asking if you want to redo it? I have no idea if that would be a coding nightmare or not, so I would completely understand if you came back and said, "We can't do it." It just means that, in the future, I make sure I don't have anything else planned so I can complete all quests before I leave. (Which is my current plan!)