One-eyed Jack HELP!

Petty Officer
Aug 22, 2010
At 1st I thought this was a bug & reported it to Customer Support, but they said it was the way things are suppose to be.

Over a year ago on April 30, 2013... after 2 months of farming Jade Fleet ships in Mooshu, I had finally gotten the heavy armor for my Mooshu Galleon, called Dragon's August Armor. Back then it had always displayed my flag symbols on the gold shields & did so up until a few days ago.

Last Tuesday night, Oct. 28, 2014, I logged on to Pirate101 to get back into the game after being MIA for a while; & the Dragon's August Armor still displayed my flag symbols on the shields, but when I logged on the next night, The Armor was blank. My flag symbols were no longer displayed on the shields anymore
When I talked to Customer Support about this, they said, "Each ship is different and will have its own level of customization. The Mooshu Galleon does not display the ships' flag symbols when the Dragon's August Armor is equipped. This is simply a design choice."

What happened to my Mooshu Galleon? Why was the design changed? This is my favorite ship in the game. It use to look so EPIC with those details... now it looks boring. I sailed this ship for months, when the level cap was 50, before Marleybone & Aquila was released. I even opted not to buy the Level 50 Mooshu Galleon, b/c I liked the original, level 42 version, the most.

This design change feels like having your custom rims stolen off your car & having to go back to stock. I feel like Capt. James T. Kirk right now. I just lost my Enterprise.
As small & trivial as this complaint may seem to many people, the design change of my favorite Pirate101 ship has taken a lot of my enthusiasm for the game away. Mainly, b/c of the seemingly endless hours I've spent farming to get this part for my ship.

If you look up my old thread... Where to get heavy armor for Mooshu Galleons... you'll see my enthusiasm at finally getting this epic armor. Now my enthusiasm feels wasted from loosing my favorite ship's armor. Sure... it still has it's stats & does what it does game play wise, but with the Dragon's August Armor no longer having the detail of displaying my flag symbols, I feel robbed.
I don't know if you ever played Boarderlands 2, but it's a lot like getting that super cool purple weapon, & right before you can save, the power goes out.

Sorry for the long read, but... What is your input on all this Mr. Jack?