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odd minigame highscores

Jul 28, 2012
Today I just noticed the strange highscores for all minigames in the tavern. One player has a highscore of in every game.
Since I found no feedback/report button in-game, I post it here, since it may be "unusual" (to put it politely).

Oct 08, 2012
I have seen those scores as well, looks like someone might have found a loophole into scores.. hopefully they fix it. It's nice to see your name on the high score list

Mar 04, 2009
I noticed this too. On the coin drop game the top 4 or 5 high scores are impossibly high. Literally.

Jul 21, 2011
I hope when they patch it they remove the highscore because it isnt legit

Dec 13, 2009
Personally, I just hope they permaban the accounts of every one of the players cheating like this, and I hope they are prepaid 1 year accounts, with no refund.

One person has scores so high they don't even display properly.

I don't know how they are doing it, but it is definitely not legit, and I *was* on the high scores list prior to the cheaters bumping everyone off.

Not cool.

Aug 17, 2009
Yeah, I just finished a game of Coin Drop with a score of 5706, before being defeated by the piles of coins that the level started with.
It took me about 20 to get that far, now if I did the math right, the people on the highscore board would have to spend YEARS to get those scores!