Nurse Quinn suggestions

Petty Officer
Nov 05, 2009
Hi everyone I have just got Nurse Quinn on my swashbuckler. I have looked at their stats other stuff as you do when you get a new companion and I thought what's going on? First off she is a witchdoctor and fights close range like a Buccaneer, Swashbuckler or Privateer, even having their epic talents like first strike. I think since she is a close range fighter and a healer she should change class and be a Privateer. Secondly ( I am not sure if this one is a bug) Her clothes don't change colour depending on your flag so its kind of hard to keep track of her in a fight. Finally I am not sure if she can get promoted or not but if she cant I have an idea for a promotion for her. She could promote at level 38 (I got her at level 20 so i thought 38 would be a reasonable level) she gets promoted to Miracle Chicken (becomes Doctors and Nurses work miracles by saving peoples lives every day so I thought it was a good name) Her new weapon is a giant infection needle (got the idea from a monster card in yu-gi-oh called Injection fairy lilly) She attacks by stabbing you with it or smashing you on the head with it (Like barbadus and his axe) also she heals people by firing a green lazer at them that heals them (if she heals her self she will fire the lazer to the sky and the green light will fall back down and heal her. Hope you like my idea and take the time to read this and the suggestions.

Dashing Roberto Sharp level 25 Swashbuckler.

Petty Officer
Dec 22, 2010
My nurse quinn is level 46, has never been promoted, and is completely useless during this part of the game due to her ghastly accuracy.

Sep 08, 2008
Being classed as a Witchdoctor with witchdoctor stats, but behaving like a buccaneer and having epics like a buccaneer is pretty unique, I think.

However, I think if you have a Witchdoctor class with witchdoctor stats, the melee attacks should still be affected by Will, or be magical instead of physical. You know, something that offsets the lack of usage of the witchdoctor stats. Although a buccaneer with high magic resistance is a pretty good twist to your average companion.

Like I said, that kind of set up is unique, but lack of stat usage just makes Nurse Quinn so horribly weak, I don't use Nurse Quinn either. At the moment, she is at the very bottom of the list, next to the Crab hermit.