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Oct 15, 2012
Hey guy's i want to tell you guy's something AN IDEA FOR NINJA101 basically first off the classes(based off the temples in maruzame)
water-the healer class and uses nunchucks
wood-A mainly defensive class ment for basically building a human-ninja wall to defend someone and beats water and their main weapons are their fists. and beat water
metal-the tank class like buccaneers,they beat earth and use katana's
fire-The hit and run class like the scout in tf2 and use shuriken's on fire and beat wood
earth-i dont know what class they would be honestly but they would be the stealth class i guess? and they use one hit kill scythes and beat metal

Next the combat system-the combat system will be like potc online and be live battles and will not be turned based by the fact you get to battle the enemies in live battles if that makes any sense

Clan members-basically companion's but with a twist that all of them follow you and you have to take care of them or they DIE!

That's basically all the ideas i have for the moment if you have any ideas than go right ahead and tell me P.S. my idea was based on pirates of the spiral
silver joseph vane