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Next World?

May 03, 2009
Ladies, and gentlemen, I believe the time has come where we must give KI our endless imaginiation to create new things. I will start off, next world anyone? I know that KI said they would never have the 2 games intertwine but the lore has come to far already. Wizards are already being mentioned in Pirtae101 and the other way around. The next world will be a place where we can find the next map piece to El Dorado if I am not mistaken. The next world on Wizard101 will have the final battle with morganthe (I will not spoil but the "sky will fall" part of the prophecy appears there). There has been no clear interconnection yet but the lore is hinting at it. El Dorado would be a source of power across the sky. Does this not mean that if Morganthe fails here she will continue to El Dorado with similiar purposes as the Armada, or perhaps another villian. She would use that power to destroy the wizards. El dorado with undoubtably be a future world in Pirate101 but look at the possiblites for an intertwining story line, imagine it pirates and wizards fighting along sides with each other to stop an army of ruthless clockworks and a dark power that threatens the spiral. It would be amazing. Why would KI even want to restrict these 2 games from coming together, it would be so amazing. As for Pirate101, what comes after El Dorado, you beat the Armada and have massive power and the game ends or the Armada wins, gets massive powers and you try to lead a rebellion or something that eventually fails. There needs to be twist, look at the possibilities if the games come together, Morganthe tries to steal the power (or another possible villian) and a massive war behind enemy lines starts, enough chaos for you to take Dorado. Then maaybe they come together to stop you and the wizards come to help the pirates. The possibilities are endless. I don't know about everyone else but I, for one, would love to see the games come together.