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Next Few Powers

Gunner's Mate
Feb 22, 2011
Ok, so I've been thinking as far into the future as the next update after the test realm, and I was wondering- what will the next epic talents or powers be? Here's what I think-

Being a skilled Privateer myself, I can tell you right now that we should get either hold the line or another defensive maneuver, like valor's fortress, but this new one would cover more allies with it's shielding power. Why hold the line? Well, first of all, that would go perfectly with our Repel Borders ability, and it also just seems like the kind of thing we would have.

I'm not a huge swashy fan (sorry Chris), but I do know they are like the ninjas of the Pirate101 world- so, for their talent, like their useful and unique jumping ability, they would have smoke bomb. It would be like the teleportation ability for witches, but with a shorter range, and any enemies on either side of the teleport would be hurt by the explosion.

Witches are my second favorite, for their special powers and very unique abilities. So the next one they would get might be... another drainage spell. The first few seemed pretty worthless to me, but this one would do fine damage, long range, and deal damage to all the enemies in a 3x3 square. Of course, we could also use a good, powerful spell with loads of damage to back it up.

Sorry, buccaneers, but as a Privateer I hate this class. Not that I'm discouraging you guys; to the contrary, I enjoy playing as buccaneers. Occasionally. But Privateers FTW! Anyways, yours should be one I've liked the idea of for a long time- a further range melee attack. It would simply increase your attack range for a round or two, and could only be used on yourself.

Last, but not least, my third favorite group- Musketeers. You guys would receive something that allows you to create a trap like the Armada orbs from Beachhead. It would shoot enemies if they move, if they come closer, further, and at the end of every round. Kind of like an annoying stationary minion.

So those are my ideas, and if my friend Cthulhu () has anything to say about it, we'll be seeing these. For I am now channeling my dark magic...