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New Yuletide Companions

Sep 04, 2013
According to the Crown Shop the two new festive companions come with two epics to go with their original ability and the yule trogg still has none, what's up with that?

Jul 27, 2012
I'm glad you came up with this thread, Jesse, because it gives me the opportunity to express how delighted I was to see these companions, especially Prince Yulefest. Here I had just escaped from, er, I mean, finished performances of the Nutcracker, and Prince Yulefest charmingly greets us as a new holiday companion! And I can't fully express the special glee of one person in our house in particular when she found out!

So of course, I had to bring him on board. He has so many great extras: little bells ring when you direct him in battle, candy sprinkle sparks shoot out of his gun, and -best of all- an excerpt of music from the Nutcracker plays when he criticals! And it is not just one musical excerpt, but several that can be played! We love it! Just so very much fun. And boy, I can just imagine the back-story of that guy... his enchantment, how he ends up away from the Land of Sweets, and how he becomes a loyal companion on your ship...