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New world idea time!

Feb 27, 2009
Hey ya all, last night I was dreaming of Pirate101 when I imagined there could be a new world. Aquila will be it and a side world right before Cool Ranch and if it's long the lvl cap will be lvl 60 or ya could just make it a main world. Anyway's unlike Valencia, it has a clear night sky just like Marleybone and the Armada is roaming through the streets. A convestation between Jared Stelle, Kane, and Phulpe: Hah, were going to take a piece of the El Darado map and we'll have 1/4 or the map. Kane, we need all of the map. I know, I know Jared STILLE! Then what are ya wating for get it! Ok let's roll Phulpe and Jared. Sharah Steele's father? We'll find out in the world if it will come out.

Main Bosses: Jared Steele lvl 54, Health 3,470 Class: Swashbuckler
Phulpe: lvl 59 Health 3,795 Class: Musketeer
Ya can do the other enemys but ya can't make a new main boss. Ya can make other bosses but they don't have a huge impact on the story line.

New talent's: Musketeer: Super Voltage attack. It's a ranged wide attack. X3 Damage and ya flip put ya hand on the floor, spin and while ya spinning ya fire like crazy!
I'll leave the other talents for ya guys and the Mods and Admins can respond to.
Jacob Freeman lvl 24