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New world

Apr 03, 2013
So what do you think of an australian themed themed side-world where the conflict is that creatures from polaris have established a dictatorship and you have to go and drive them out. To start, a roughed-up kangeroo talks to you at the Skull island docks, preferably in the ominous cave near the life fountain, telling you to ask Avery for asylum/protection. But Avery says that there is no housing available for the kangeroo and that you would have to talk to your class teacher to see if they have room. After that is all settled and the kangeroo finally gets housing (with Miracle Mitch) it asks you to join your crew so that it can stop the tyranny of the beasts that killed its parents. Let's call her Rang, she'll be a new class, a side-school that uses throwy weapons like boomerangs, spears, etc.
The new world can be accessed after you complete Monquista. Then then you recieve an automatic quest from Avery telling you something strang is on the docks.