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New World

Petty Officer
Jun 17, 2013
My name in pirate 101 is Loyal Gaspard Radcliffe. I was thinking of making a ship that was also a sort of mansion. It would have copanions posted all over it, like Bonnie Ann in the crows nest. It would also have four decks, the top and three below. It could be themed any way you wanted it, like a Marleyboneian ship to class one. It could also be upgraded to be bigger and better for more crew. You would earn it once you get the yellow windstone. It would come with a Marleyboneian dog of your choice, but all would have the same health. Once again this is Loyal Gaspard Radcliffe and if you want find me my friend code is ML35D-6LG48-36P6M-8Q476, but few can because my friends are almost to the limit.