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New way to level up companions.

Dec 12, 2008
I was a big fan of the whole training tome system when pirate101 was announced but after playing the and getting to mooshu (which is very hard mind you) I had the idea for a new system of training. Now I had the same idea as this for wizard101 with raising pet levels but here it is! The cursed temple! The main idea is you can send 1 companion into the temple and start a minigame reminescint of dance dance revolution. Depending on how well you did and how rare the offering you gave (more on that later.) you're companion gains levels. now to go into the temple you have to make an offering using that new treasure system made with the tribal horde pack. now enemies start dropping treasure and it's fitted into 5 catagories. commen, uncommen, rare, extra rare, and divine. the higher the companion level reward AND dificulty. you can only go into the temple once a day.

Wordy zane oswald lvl 43 reckless zane underwood lvl 5

Jan 17, 2012
So, basically, you want to level up companions without having to spend gold or use training points.

I can't see that happening.

You could always sell those drops to get the gold necessary to buy the training points.