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New type(s)?!

Gunner's Mate
Feb 22, 2011
So lately I've been having a lot of friends wonder what type of pirate Kane would be. And then, while watching YouTube videos, someone had a crazy idea; what if instead of one type, Kane was a mix of all the types... this new type of pirate would be spiral type! ...However, adding a new type to the beginning would be unfair to those who were already far in the game. So why not make it like Shadow Magic in w101, where you unlock it late in the game and can use it whenever you like! The abilities with spiral type would include the ability to change into any type of pirate, the ability to summon one-battle-only companions of every type, and even having special spiral-type weapons and gear for your pirate! There could even be special companions (most likely to just be in the crowns shop) who would be spiral type!

So, for example, if I were a musketeer who knew spiral type moves, I could transform into a privateer, and have special privateer skills as well as my musketeer skills, like being able to use return fire on an enemy after healing all of your companions!

... of course, there has to be a downside, and that is enemy spiral types. Imagine: Kane, leader of the armada... and he can be whatever he wants! for five turns he's a musketeer, so you build up defence and offence against that, but then he suddenly changes into a swashbuckler, and you're totally unprepared. Although I can't imagine a ninja Kane with little robotic smoke bombs and daggers, it is a scary thought to think the final battle could be nearly impossible for you!

And maybe... just maybe... this idea could work with w101 too?