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New style of teleportation!

Jun 02, 2013
For those who have watched Ryan's make a wish visit to Kingsisle, one of the game developers shows off a new style of teleportation in which we shadow step instead of a puff of sparkles, is it possible we could ever see such a style of teleportation, purchasable in the crown shop? Great way to increase revenue!

Dread Pirate
May 27, 2009
I do like the Shadow Step animation - I think that maybe they could even differentiate for the various pirate classes.

Good Idea!

Jul 30, 2009
I think this would be a really great idea, my favourite thing about mmos is customization. Being able to create an individual look and feel for my character and then roleplay through the story makes it feel more personalized and exciting.

Cosmetics are one of the few things I am willing to spend money on because they don't make me feel like I have an unfair advantage but they let me customize and support a game I enjoy.

Aug 15, 2013
Possibly purple smoke and daggers for Swashbucklers, water and axes for Buccaneers, yellow sparkles and spy glasses for Privateers, lightning and bombs/guns for Musketeers, and green smoke and skulls for Witchdoctors.