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New Powers/ Abilities Ideas

Jul 20, 2009
Hey there message boards! I've been thinking of some new powers that I'd love to see implemented in-game at some point. Let me know what you think!

"Blink" WD power: The Witchdoctor seems to have an issue with close range damage and such, so I decided that a cool 'physical power' was in order. The WD 'Blinks' to an enemy and deals a close range Mojo Blade/Reaver, then blinks back to their original position, not triggering any epics and cutting through armor. This power would not be affected by Witch Hunter.

"Steal" Swashbuckler power: The swashbuckler 'steals' a random power from the opponent. The new power replaces steal for the duration of the battle. Alternatively, armor, damage, or other stats could be 'stolen'.

"Bastion" Privateer Power: The privateer casts this power on an ally. Upon a companion or fellow pirate taking lethal damage, the privateer teleports to their side and casts a heal/shield on the ally. They are saved and the privateer takes the intended damage without triggering any epics.

"Cleave" Buccaneer Power: I took a look at the buccaneer's kit and saw there wasn't a ranged debuff of any sort beyond hold the line or vengeance strike 3. This single use power has a range of 2. The buccaneer hurls their weapon at the enemy, immobilizing them for 2 turns. The target also takes slight bleed damage.

"Typhoon Cannon" Musketeer Power: The musketeer pulls out a large gun and fire a compressed air blast that sends the target enemy (or enemies) flying across the board. Though doing no initial damage, the amount of damage incrementally increases the farther away the enemy(s) fly. After six squares traveled, the damage caps.

Hope you like these! They are always open to constructive criticism, so go ahead and let me know what you like/don't like, what you'd change, and even more ideas of your own!

-Hammer out.

Jul 23, 2013